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Oct 3, 2020 | Blog, Home & Kitchen

Amazon is a major retailer around the world (understatement!).  Although Amazon is associated with over-consumption, with good intent and careful shopping, it is possible to support businesses that are offering products that support environmental ethics and sustainability.

Due to Covid-19, online shopping has become an important way to shop while also maintaining physical distancing.

Amazon offers a membership program called Prime which includes many benefits.  Prime provides members with free delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books.  

I’ve been a Prime Member for years and find I more than make back the yearly membership fee ($119) with the free shipping.  I also love all the videos (I cancelled my cable) and free kindle books. 



Let’s be honest, plastic consumption and overpackaging can kill the sustainability of a shopping spree.  To help create a more eco-friendly Amazon experience, I’ve researched options that improve the overall sustainability of your life, involve little to no plastic, while using minimal packaging.  Each product was also highly rated by past customers.

Why purchase products that don’t include plastic?  Read why here.

Worthwhile shopping ideas to create a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle!

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no extra charge to the customer.

♦ Always be prepared with a reusable water bottle and vow to never use single use plastic again.  These examples show that water bottles can be stylish and appropriate for any occasion.

♦ If your local water is not the best, here are water bottles that offer a built in filter.

♦ Say no to plastic bags by being prepared with reusable shopping bags for every occasion.  Here are four different options.

♦ While you are using your awesome shopping bags, also consider reusable produce bags. Skip the plastic bags provided at food markets and bring your own produce bags.

♦ Another great way to eliminate plastic from your home is by using bees wrap instead of plastic wrap.  Bees wrap is cotton infused with bees wax and resin which easily wraps around food or the top of bowls to keep your food fresh. You use them over and over for about a year and then throw them into your compost bin (see below for compost ideas).

Reusable straws are a new necessity as plastic, single-use straws are harming wildlife and damaging the oceans.  Two great options are bamboo straws or stainless steel straws.  A case makes them easy to put one in your purse and always be ready with your own straw.

♦ When buying shampoo, no need to contribute to plastic pollution. Shampoo bars are my new favorite find.  I switched two years ago and will never buy  shampoo in a plastic bottle again.  Shampoo bars are also excellent for travel as you can carry them in your carry on luggage.

♦ Speaking of soap, did you know you can buy bar soap for your dishes? Yep. No plastic bottles needed! Just rub a scrubber or sponge on the block of soap and then clean your dishes. Helpful hint: it helps to have a sturdy tray for the bar. Here are four options to get you started.

♦ Eliminating plastic in the bathroom is equally easy and will start your day off in an eco-friendly way!  Ditch the plastic toothbrush for a compostable bamboo option. Another new products is Tooth tablets.  These are a great exchange for toothpaste in a plastic tube and eliminates harmful waste.  Tooth tablets are also great for travel as you can carry a months worth of tablets in your carry-on bag or backpack.

♦ Compost all your food and paper waste into fantastic soil for your garden or neighborhood! New to composting?  Here’s a blog post that will teach you everything you need to know to get started.  Composting is for everyone–apartment dwellers to those with big gardens. Here are options for all different size homes along with two options of kitchen containers to collect the food scraps and the Jobe’s compost starter that I use. 

Have another great idea for creating a sustainable lifestyle?  Share it out below in the comments!


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